Search ‘Kosher meals’ on any travel forum and you’ll find that Hermolis meals are considered the gold standard for travelers worldwide.
Hermolis meals for airlines, cruise-liners, and trains are created with careful thought as to what kinds of food will stay tasty and fresh – even at 38,000 feet!
Kosher vendor Hermolis is the best in the air - so much so, I wish I could get it on all my flights everywhere!

Craz, FlyerTalk contributor

When staying away from home in the UK or flying, I have Hermolis food to be consistently good quality and plentiful.

Rabbi Hillel Simon

British Airways Presentation During COVID Restrictions

British Airways Presentation During COVID Restrictions

COVID has presented every company with challenges daily, and Hermolis has been put through quite a few. Our big clients come to us regularly for tastings and to choose new menus for their company....