British Airways Presentation During COVID Restrictions

British Airways Presentation During COVID Restrictions

COVID has presented every company with challenges daily, and Hermolis has been put through quite a few. Our big clients come to us regularly for tastings and to choose new menus for their company.

British airways, which we are proud to have supplied for over 20 years, are one of these clients who come visit us on an annual basis. The head of kitchens, procurement and purchasing visit us in the factory and taste and try an array of many delicacies that our chefs have prepared according to their specifications. This is an annual event, and many hours are put into the planning and preparation to ensure it is executed to perfection.

But what can be done during Tier 4 restrictions and Social Distancing rules?? How can we allow 8 members of British Airways staff to come to Wembley?? What do we do?

This is where technology takes hold…. Our presentation this year took place VERY SUCCESSFULLY over Zoom. The plates were all laid out in the same way as usual, and Hady our Head Chef was able to talk about each dish and describe the texture – all on camera!! The British Airways foodies were able to sit in the comfort of their home office and choose a new menu for launching in January 2020!! (they made some very exciting choices which we are so excited to roll out….. )

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