Kosher Approved

Religious Jews will only eat Kosher food which has the seal or stamp of a Rabbinic authority.

This shows it has been prepared according to Jewish law and has been supervised by a G-d fearing Jewish person throughout the preparation process.

Hermolis is under the supervision of 2 of the foremost Rabbinic authorities in the UK, which are recognised and trusted by Jews across the religious spectrum.

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Halal Approved

Our facility and production line have been inspected by Halal Consultations UK inspectors and most products are Halal certified for Muslim consumption.

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Health & Hygiene

‘Quality and dependability’ may be our motto, but they don’t come about by magic!
A big part of our commitment is adhering strictly to the very highest health and hygiene requirements – we know that our food is only as good as what’s in it – and more importantly – what stays out!

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