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Beef Goulash Sale price£15.00
Braised Steak in gravy Sale price£26.00
Breaded Lamb Chops Sale price£25.00
Broccoli Kugal Sale price£12.00
Chicken Blintz with sauce Sale price£8.75
Chicken Schnitzel Sale price£15.00
Chicken Soup Sale price£8.00
Cholent Sale price£10.00
Chopped Liver tub 250g Sale price£5.85
Courgettes in Tomato sauce Sale price£12.00
Farfel with Mushrooms Sale price£10.00
Fondant Mixed Potatoes Sale price£15.00
Fried Fish Balls (12) Sale price£4.80
Liver Blintz with sauce Sale price£8.75
Middle Eastern Rice Sale price£10.00
Moroccan white fish Sale price£11.00