Hermolis in Dubai

Hermolis in Dubai

When the United States arranged for the Abraham Accords to be signed as a neutral agreement between Israel and UAE back in August 2020, there was a lot of hype around. Israelis had been banned from travelling to UAE for many years. Remember the Israeli tennis player who was banned from entering Dubai for a tournament back in 2009!! Even travellers who carried an Israeli stamp of Entry in their non-Israeli passport had difficulty gaining entry to Dubai.

The 360 turns that happened in August had a magnificent ripple effect. There was nothing more exciting for the Israeli businessman, as well as the tourist and adventurer. Dubai is only a mere 2-hour flight from Tel Aviv!!

But there was is a huge pitfall for the Kosher traveller going to Dubai. Kosher food was very scarce …

However, when a traveller who keeps Kosher thinks about his next trip, food is very often on the agenda. There are plenty of beautiful places around the world that have Kosher restaurants or Eateries. These places include the likes of Nice (France), Rome (Italy), Malaga (Spain), Mumbai (India), Cape Town (South Africa) etc. When there is a place to buy kosher food, the trip is a lot more enjoyable and one can get a taste of the local culture through the food provided. If Kosher food is not available, the traveller will have to “shlep” along dried non-perishable food to survive on – of course, fruit and vegetables can be purchased locally, but who wants to spend a week living off greens and more greens??

Hermolis as a company is known to take their food worldwide. One can find our food in the four corners of the Earth (literally!!). We have a proven track record of food being flown for many miles unscathed and intact and of course keeping the taste and quality up to scratch. We knew that Dubai has potential and we wanted to get a slice of this big opportunity.

Our COO and CFO flew out to Dubai on several occasions to meet with a huge number of hotels in Dubai and show them the food that we can supply. A three-day trip had over 18 meetings scheduled!! Head chefs in some of the top hotels were mesmerised and shocked at the level of class and taste presented to them with the samples. The beauty in our food is that the Hotels are able to offer any guest the Kosher Menu and be able to provide a warm plate of food within 10 minutes of the request… imagine sitting on the Jeremiah Palm Beach eating a Braised Lamb Shank with Caramelized Onions and roast vegetables on a China dish served by an Emirati waiter who is wearing a white keffiyeh… well in the very near future this will be a reality! Dreams do happen!!!

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