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How to order Kosher airline meals
How To Order
The tickets are booked, the cases are packed and you rush to the airport to catch your flight. As you sit at your seat hunger starts to set in. You realise that you have not eaten anything for the past 4 hours as you have been rushing around. The plane soars into the sky at an altitude of 38,000 feet and the cabin staff comes around to offer the in-flight meal. You politely ask if there is a Kosher option, to which she responds “Did you order one?”
Well, did you? Do you know how to?
Below you will find links to all our airline partner websites with information on how to order their Special Kosher meal. When booking through a travel agent, please ensure your agent knows that you need a Kosher meal


Here is how you can order Kosher meals

At Hermolis we aim to give every customer and passenger the gourmet food that they deserve. Please note that menus and meals may differ from airline to airline. We work very closely with each airline, and they choose the menus according to their “regular” meals.

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