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News In Jewish tradition wine is considered a holy beverage. The blessing over the wine—or Kiddish—is an important part of many religious ceremonies. For this reason , a kosher wine at its most basic level is one handled only by strictly Sabbath-observant Jews. In addition, kosher wine makers are forbidden to use any products, such as
News British Airways Presentation During COVID Restrictions   COVID has presented every company with challenges daily, and Hermolis has been put through quite a few. Our big clients come to us regularly for tastings and to choose new menus for their company. British airways, which we are proud to have supplied for over 20 years are
News Hermolis in Dubai When the United States arranged for the Abraham Accords to be signed as a neutral agreement between Israel and UAE back in August 2020, there was a lot of hype around. Israelis had been banned from travelling to UAE for many years. Remember the Israeli tennis player who was banned from entering
News Covid 19 update Message from our Health and Hygiene Department The recent coronavirus outbreak has no doubt caused some concerns to businesses, with meetings and events being cancelled across the country. From our perspective, we have this under control and would like to put our clients concerns at rest. Please see the following statement from


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