Frequently asked questions

What is the cut-off time for an order?
This all depends on the order being placed. If the food is from our regular menu, we only need 24 hours’ notice, however for a more bespoke menu we could need up to 72 hours.
What does a bespoke menu mean?
We work very closely with clients to ensure that the food they receive is exactly to the standard and quality they require. Our chefs and sous chefs are proficient at replicating a non-Kosher menu into a Kosher version, taking all the Kashrus requirements into consideration.
What is the difference between milk and meat in Kosher?
Kosher laws do not allow a meal to have milk (any Dairy item) and meat products together. Jews will wait a few hours between eating meat and milk. The exact amount of time depends on their specific custom, but it is usually at least 3 hours.
What about Halal? Is kosher food suitable for Halal?
Yes, all our Kosher meal items are suitable for Halal consumption. Our factory is certified by HCO and this is renewed annually following an audit.
What about wine? Is your wine Mevushul or non-Mevushal?
All our wine is mevushal unless specifically mentioned.
What does non-Mevushal mean?
This means that only a Jew can open & serve the wine. The wine has not been pre-cooked.
The bread you use – is it Mezonos?
All our bread and rolls are Mezonos unless the customer specifically requests for the bread to be Hamotzei. We use Hamotzei when ordering Challot for Shabbos.
Does your Shabbos menu come ready to be heated on Shabbos?
One can only heat food on Shabbos that has been placed on the warmer before Shabbos comes in. One may only warm food on Shabbos which has NO liquid at all.
What does Kosher Law require with regards to crockery and cutlery?
One may not use any crockery or cutlery that has been used for non-kosher food. We at Hermolis can provide food on either disposable or china tableware. The chinaware we provide is brand new. We do not accept returns as we cannot guarantee that the tableware has not been in contact with non-Kosher food, since leaving our premises.
Can I order on disposable and transfer to the plates in the venue?
No! unless it is in a Kosher venue or home.
Why are we charged an extra cost for chinaware?
The cost for the chinaware (£13.73 per person) is for the crockery & cutlery itself. The cost of the meals plated on chinaware is higher than meals plated on disposables due to a variety of reasons. Our china meals are prepared by our Head Chef with outstanding attention to detail. The presentation is of a higher standard, the portion sizes are larger and the quality/cut of meat, fish and ingredients is superior.

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