DD’s Sandwiches

Available at hundreds of locations across the UK, DD’s sandwiches are the answer to your stomach’s questions!


Supermarkets and minimarkets across London, train stations, cafeterias and airports –  you’ll find us wherever you are.

Choose from freshly baked and filled pitas, ciabattas, rolls, sandwiches, baguettes and bagels as well as numerous healthy options in our range of ‘Weigh-to Go’ health food and salads.


Grab ‘em quick – our products are known to sell out FAST!

We were delighted to discover DD’s sandwiches on a recent trip to London - what joy!
Delicious, fresh, varied choices of sandwiches, bagels and wraps in supermarkets nearby.
Hermolis made our trip!

- TripAdvisor Review

Hermolis frozen products are very good value, and particularly popular with people going on holiday

- Shloime Craimer, Hadar Kosher Grocery

Frozen Ready Meals

Going on holiday? No time to prepare meals? Or just not in the mood?

 Hermolis ready-prepared meals are just a few minutes away at a Kosher grocery near you.


Check the freezer section for a variety of gourmet meals that just need a few minutes to heat up… and voila! Supper is served!

Shabbat and Yom Tov Food

Preparing all the food necessary for Shabbat or Yom Tov can be daunting for anyone, and even the pros need a break sometimes.

Hermolis will prepare and deliver everything you need for an impressive and tasty Shabbat/Yom Tov, while you just relax and enjoy.

We ordered food for 2 days and found it very good quality. It’s a good option for tourists who don’t want to spend time searching for Kosher restaurants

- TripAdvisor review

Hotel Catering

Kosher food is not a menu option at most hotels across the UK.

You can rest easy though, Hermolis will send fresh meals direct to your hotel for the duration of your stay.

Breakfast in bed? Oh yes!