When you want the best of
both worlds, you choose Hermolis.

Your clients need meals that will live up to their standards of taste, quality and kashrut (Rabbinical Supervision).

You need to be confident that logistics will be hassle-free, packaging will be perfect and delivery times will be punctual.

Meals For Travellers

Search ‘Kosher meals’ on any travel forum and you’ll find that Hermolis meals are considered the gold standard for travelers worldwide.

Hermolis meals for airlines, cruise-liners, and trains are created with careful thought as to what kinds of food will stay tasty and fresh – even at 38,000 feet!

‘Kosher vendor Hermolis is the best in the air - so much so, I wish I could get it on all my flights everywhere!

- Craz, FlyerTalk contributor

The kosher menu is marvelous. The meals were hot and tasty and no comparison to the ordinary ones!

- Glynis Hallas, Hospital Patient

Meals for Hospitals & Public Sector

Hospital patients need nourishing and tasty meals to get well quickly.
Hermolis provides all kinds of meals, including special-requirements like gluten-free and low sodium.
We’re proud to be the Kosher supplier of choice to NHS and private hospitals across the UK.

We also supply meals to Her Majesty’s Prisons and correctional facilities.

Meals for Schools

Schoolchildren need meals that are filling, nutritious – and kid-friendly.
Hermolis has a range of Kosher meals for even the most picky of eaters.
No soggy chips included!

We’ve been using Hermolis for years – and the ordering is always smooth, the deliveries punctual – and the students love the food!

- Yacov, admin at Chayei Olam Yeshiva