A Letter From The Directors

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Ensuring quality Kosher meals can be accessed with ease wherever required is something the Directors at Hermolis take very seriously.

‘We feel it’s not just a job, it’s a calling’

Ever been somewhere remote without food? It’s stressful – to say the least and even more so when you require Kosher food!  Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, unwell in hospital,  or planning a trip it can make a difficult situation even worse.  The last thing on your mind should be worrying about where you will find your next Kosher meal.

Here at Hermolis we supply thousands of locations across the UK and travellers across the globe with meals that are dependably high quality, tasty and well packaged.

Jewish people everywhere look forward to their next Hermolis meal – and the proof is in the pudding! Our convenience meals fly off the shelves, and Hermolis meals are the most requested Kosher meals in the air, so we’d like to say thank you for choosing us every time!  We would appreciate your compliments, feedback, requests or suggestions.

Thank you for visiting our site – we look forward to serving you!

Moishe Lisser - Mendel Kreditor
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Meet The Team
Moishe Lisser
Moishe Lisser Managing Director

Mendel Kreditor
Mendel Kreditor Financial Director

Avi Lisser
Avi Lisser COO

Moishe Roth CFO

David Colman Director Of DD's

Rabbi Avreimi Lieberman
Rabbi Avreimi Lieberman Supervising Rabbi

Chef Hady
Chef Hady Head Chef

Betzalel Lieberman
Betzalel Lieberman Hygiene & Health Officer

Alexia Goldstein
Alexia Goldstein Taste - Kosher Dining

Neela Pandya
Neela Pandya HR & Office Manager

Naomi Stein Head of Purchasing

Melissa Pereira
Melissa Pereira Head of Sales

Andrea Rozsnyai
Andrea Rozsnyai PA To Directors

Hemali Chauhan
Hemali Chauhan Head of Exports

Tripti Sethia
Tripti Sethia Sales Manager - DD's

Sonia Nunes
Sonia Nunes Hygiene & Quality Assistant

Our Facilities

Screenshot 2020-10-18 202546-min

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in a tiny kitchen!
Since 1994, our Wembley facilities cover an entire acre of land and house several custom-built kitchens for the various types of food preparation. With over 90 hardworking employees, it’s a thriving hub of activity.
We’d love to have you visit – and we’re open 6 days a week. Contact us to make a reservation!

Religious Jews will only eat Kosher food which has the seal or stamp of a Rabbinic authority.

This shows it has been prepared according to Jewish law and has been supervised by a G-d fearing Jewish person throughout the preparation process.


Hermolis is under the supervision of 2 of the foremost Rabbinic authorities in the UK, which are recognised and trusted by Jews across the religious spectrum.

Our facility and production line have been inspected by Halal Consultations UK inspectors and most products are Halal certified for Muslim consumption.
‘Quality and dependability’ may be our motto, but they don’t come about by magic!
A big part of our commitment is adhering strictly to the very highest health and hygiene requirements – we know that our food is only as good as what’s in it – and more importantly – what stays out!
Hermolis is proud to maintain the following certifications:
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Sandwiches fresh-baked daily


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