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From modest beginnings as a restaurant operator almost 50 years ago, Hermolis and Company Ltd are today Europe's largest manufacturer of Kosher foods.

Hermolis House is one of only a handful of food production centres in the UK, purpose built to the highest attainable standards of food hygiene and technology to EC standards.

These standards also include accreditation from DEFRA (Ministry of Agriculture Food & Fisheries), the STS (Support, Training & Services Ltd) and the CMI/BRC Global Standard Safety Issue 7.


Hermolis House

Hermolis produce Kosher meals under the licensing authority of "Kedassia" which is the most stringent religious organisation in this country and accepted worldwide. Hermolis cater to the needs of over sixty airlines, and the production unit is designed to produce approximately between 8,000 and 10,000 airline meals per day. The airline menus are very extensive and are modified periodically incorporating new products and recipes. Special emphasis is placed on special dietary requirements of individuals e.g Gluten Free, Diabetic and Low Sodium etc. Airline Meals are also produced tailored to the airlines' specifications and on their own equipment.

Hermolis also produce meals suitable for Hotels, Tours groups, Offices, Corporate Events, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government and welfare bodies and Freezer Centres worldwide.

From this production centre, meals are successfully dispatched to globally either by air or by road transport to all the various sectors of the market, providing efficient and first class service with an excellent and well enjoyed product.

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